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Attic Insulation Before & After Photos

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Mold Treatment- Leesburg, VA

This Leesburg, VA homeowner had mold growing in their vented attic assembly that was causing the family to develop allergies and get sick very often.  Comfenergy discovered this attic mold and treated it with MoldX-2 before air sealing, insulating and providing other services.

These pictures ar eof the mold covered roof joists before and after being treated by Comfenergy with MoldX-2.

Decreased cold drafts for homeowner in Herndon, VA

This home in Herndon, VA was experiencing cold drafts this winter and found it expensive to keep their home warm.  In the attic there was very little insulation and had a low R value.  We used our TruSoft Blown-in Insulation resulting in a less drafty and more comfortable home.

Arlington, VA Spray Foam Attic Encapsulation

This home was looking to make the top floor more comfortable AND lower their utiltiy bills....all with one solution!!!

Superior R-Value in Garrisonville, VA

These before and after photos are measuring the R-value of the insulation in the attic of this Garrisonville, VA home. 

R-value measures how well building insulation can prevent the flow of heat into and out of the home. Higher R-value means greater insulation performance, and thus more savings on your next heating and cooling bill. 

In the before photo you can see how low the R-value was. Comfenergy installed TruSoft Cellulose insulation in this attic to an R-value of 60! Now this house is more energy efficient and costs less to own. 



Attic Insulation in Mclean, Va

This customer in Mclean, VA called us as they wanted to add more insulation in the attic.  We did air sealing to stop the air leakage, as well as built plywood dams to keep the insulation in place and off the newly built storage deck.  New decking was installed for storage and air sealed at the seams.  Insulation was upgraded to R60. The result of doing this is better insulation & air sealing keeping the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

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