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Vienna VA Home Remodel with Insulation

This Vienna VA home was being remodeled and had its interior frame stripped down to allow for installation of more modern insulation products.  Our team started working in the attic before addressing the inside of the walls in the rooms below.  Old insulation was removed and the attic was air sealed with Zyp Foam in order to control unwanted air flow in and out of the space.  A new attic floor decking was constructed by our team along with damning/walls to hold in the Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation that would later be blown in.  A zippered Attic Tent door cover was installed to properly seal up the attic door and control air loss from the rooms below.  The final result for the attic was a thick layer of insulation and a more energy efficient top floor of the home.  The floor/decking would allow for storage space and the ability to walk around the attic.  

Arlington VA Attic Decking Walkway

This attic in Arlington VA was previously treated by our team and had been filled with Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation.  The homeowners decided that they needed to have a more cleared access to their HVAC and utility systems in the attic so they asked up to create a path.  Our Production team was able to build a walkway from the attic hatch all the way to the HVAC unit in the attic.  

Frozen Pipes in Ashburn, VA

 The homeowner in Ashburn called,  as last year their pipes froze and they did not want that to happy again.This home i has always had issues with hot and cold spots, and freezing pipes in the winter.  We found cold air in the master bedroom attic to be getting around the batt insulation leading to the bathroom above.  This entire neighborhood of as notorious drafts and hot/cold spots. These homes have also dealt with many frozen water lines. The water lines were freezing almost 20 feet from the exterior of the home! Comfenergy installed 4" thick SilverGlo foam boards with heat reflective barrier on the attic walls.  

Problem solved!!!  Foam board insulation in an attic keeps the cold air from travelling beneath the bathroom tub and the pipes from freezing.

The homeowner will be more comfortable in the Summer and Winter.....but it lessened the draftiness of the home, and the pipes don't freeze any more!!!  

Increasing R-Value

This home was having comfort issues on their top floors in the summer. Our solution was to increase the R-value by installing cellulose insulation and air sealing their attic.

Ashburn VA Cantilever gets spray foam to help insulate

This Ashburn VA home had an uninsulated cantilever.  The external temperatures were impacting the condition and comfort in the room above.  We removed the base board of the cantilever on the outside of the house and filled the cavities with spray foam to insulate and air seal.  This will help to keep outside temperatures out and inside feeling the way the homeowner would like it to.