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Frozen Pipes in Ashburn, VA

 The homeowner in Ashburn called,  as last year their pipes froze and they did not want that to happy again.This home i has always had issues with hot and cold spots, and freezing pipes in the winter.  We found cold air in the master bedroom attic to be getting around the batt insulation leading to the bathroom above.  This entire neighborhood of as notorious drafts and hot/cold spots. These homes have also dealt with many frozen water lines. The water lines were freezing almost 20 feet from the exterior of the home! Comfenergy installed 4" thick SilverGlo foam boards with heat reflective barrier on the attic walls.  

Problem solved!!!  Foam board insulation in an attic keeps the cold air from travelling beneath the bathroom tub and the pipes from freezing.

The homeowner will be more comfortable in the Summer and Winter.....but it lessened the draftiness of the home, and the pipes don't freeze any more!!!  

Increasing R-Value

This home was having comfort issues on their top floors in the summer. Our solution was to increase the R-value by installing cellulose insulation and air sealing their attic.

Ashburn VA Cantilever gets spray foam to help insulate

This Ashburn VA home had an uninsulated cantilever.  The external temperatures were impacting the condition and comfort in the room above.  We removed the base board of the cantilever on the outside of the house and filled the cavities with spray foam to insulate and air seal.  This will help to keep outside temperatures out and inside feeling the way the homeowner would like it to.  

Ashburn Va Attic Wall Insulation

This Ashburn VA attic underwent a full transformation.  After our Home Performance Sales Pro performed a no cost inspection of the home, it was determined that the attic space would benefit from air sealing, blown cellulose insulation and panel insulation used on this wall that was facing the sun for most hours of the day and required additional attention to be properly insulated.  The existing wall panel insulation was insufficient and was not air sealed.  Our production team installed the SilverGlo insulation panels and used ZypFoam to seal up the cracks in between.  This helped to create the best result to help improve the comfort ii the home and reduce the energy costs related to heating and cooling the home.  

Ashburn VA Attic Hatch Platform and Insulation

This Ashburn VA home had a need for a full attic insulation project.  The rooms in the home below the attic were uncomfortable, the attic was not air sealed and the existing insulation in the attic was not performing as needed.  Our Home Performance Sales Pro Jon recommended removal of the old insulation so that our production team could air seal the attic floor and then blow in Tru Soft cellulose insulation.  Additionally Jon added the production and building of an attic landing where the access hatch to the attic was.  This would allow for people to access the attic and stand on the platform with a barrier between the insulation.  A hatch cover was installed with a zipper seal to keep conditioned air from escaping the rooms in the living areas below the attic.   Our production team constructed this and helped to create a more comfortable home and more accessible attic for the home owners.  

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