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Leaky & Poorly Insulated Attic Duct Work in Boston, VA

This Boston, VA homeowner had issues staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A FREE comfort evaluation by Comfenergy revealed, among other things, an HVAC ducting system located in the attic that was both leaky and not insulated.  The hot air was leaking into the attic in the winter. The cold air was becoming re-heated in the summer. Not only was this causing discomfort, but it was making their utility bills go literally through the roof!!

Comfenergy encapsulated the attic ducting system to seal it from those air leaks. This keeps all of their air in the home!  It also insulates the air travelling through the ducting system so that it comes out of the vents at the right temperature to stay comfortable.

Insulating Barn Walls in Boston, VA

Homeowners in Boston, Va have a farm and wanted to insulate the walls in their barn. One of our evaluators, Pedro, determined that closed cell spray foam would do the best job at insulating this space. Closed cell spray foam adheres to all surfaces, expands in place, and air cannot pass through it. It has an R value of 6.3 per inch and with it's ability to stop air flow, it is superior insulation. One inch of closed cell foam sprayed in place is worth many inches of other insulation materials. This is why spray foam is used in most "zero energy" homes. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation-Culpeper, VA

This Culpeper, VA homeowner was interested in several comfort solutions for their home.  The lower level floors are always cold in the winter, and seemed drafty.  Plus, the house was always humid and clammy.

Scott from Comfenergy evaluated the situation and found crawl space encapsulation would be the best solution.

Cold Rooms-Rixeyville, VA

This Rixeyville, VA homeowner was complaining about a cold room on the upper level of their home. After a full comfort evaluation provided for FREE by Comfenergy we found an attic that was adjacent to this room. The wall adjacent to this attic was merely insulated with fiberglass batts.  The problem with this is that fiberglass does NOT stop air from travelling around and through it.  This is why your furnace filter is made of fiberglass. It allows the air through, but not the dust and dirt.

Comfenergy solved this issue by using 2" thick EPS SilverGlo foam boards to secure on this wall to provide a good air barrier and an additional R10 thermal insulation value.

Now this room is toasty warm and can be used in cold winter months!!!

Cellulose Insulation in Brandy Station, VA

A homeowner in Brandy Station, VA had inefficient insulation in their attic and they wanted to make their main floor more comfortable. To fix this issue, we removed all of the old yucky insulation, air sealed the attic by closing all penetrations and top plates using polyurethane foam, and then we blew in TruSoft cellulose insulation to an R value of 49. This resulted in a much more comfortable main floor, as much less conditioned air could now escape from the attic. 

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