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Comfenergy Before & After Photos

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Metal chimney wrap-Centreville, VA

Metal (and brick) flue pipes and chimneys can get very hot when furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces vent through them.  Insulation should not touch these assemblies due to the possibility of fire in the attic of the home. Comfenergy wraps these flues and chimneys with rock wool fire resistant insualtion before blowing new TruSoft cellulose insulation into your attic.

Attic Wall Insulation in Centreville, VA

This home in Centreville, VA had vertical walls with fiberglass batts will have issues keeping radiant heat away from walls. SilverGlo foam boards help secure the fiberglass batts, and make an airtight seal.

Spray Foam-Haymarket, VA

This home in Haymarket, Virginia has a unique architecture for the area and the turrets you see ont he front of the house were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Comfenergy used spray foam to fix the problem.

Basement Insulation in Purcellville, VA

This Purcellville homeowner was looking for a great way to insulate the basement and have it prepped to finish before putting it on the market for sale.  They didn't want to finish the basement completely, but wanted it "ready to finish" so the buyer could build it out as the wished.

Comfenergy found the ultimate solution by using Basement to Beautiful wall panels. These wall panels are insulated with SilverGlo foam and have the metal studs already built into them.  Each insulated Basement to Beautiful wall panel is held in place with foam spray insulation, and then secured using long bolts. There are 3 distinct advantages to these wall panels. 1) Once they are installed, the room is ready to be finished because the framing is built in. 2) They provide moisture intrusion control. 3) The Basement to Beautiful panels are infused with anti-microbial materials and will not mold nor mildew. 


Basement humidity control- Vienna, VA

This homeowner was finishing their basement and wanted to make sure that during the construction process he did something to better control the humidity in his basement.

Closed cell spray foam was the answer that Comfenergy provided.

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