Testimonials for Comfenergy

The sales person answered all my questions and were very patient with me. The crew was excellent! I was told 2 days and they were told 3. They worked all day on day 2 so I could go back to work. 
Matt S. of Brambleton, VA
Saturday, July 31st
Your prices aren't cheap, but I feel confident that Scott has recommended the right course of action for my house (which gets upwards of 105 degrees upstairs in the summer). I appreciate how prepared he was, how he took the time to listen to my concerns, and didn't try to sell me things I wasn't sure we needed. I had one guy recent told me that an attic fan was the way to go, but I felt like that wasn't the whole story. When I asked Scott if I needed an attic fan, he said I could get one, but having proper insulation would mean that we would be able to retain heat or repel heat where appropriate & not need one. I look forward to scheduling the installation & potentially having a follow-up with Scott in the dead of summer to see how much things have changed and if any other work needs to be done. I learned there was no insulation in parts of the house where there should have been, and that some insulation had fallen away from the wall.
Adam S. of Sterling, VA
Tuesday, June 24th
Hey!    I just got my gas bill for last month and it was significantly cheaper! the previous month our bill was $160, this bill for last month was only $104! Very pleased with the results of the new insulation in the attic. Please send my regards and high praise to John.    Also- I have been VERY pleased with the snow removal people. They are doing an excellent job!  
Kiley F. of Leesburg, VA
Wednesday, March 4th
Outstanding work & communication.  I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of each day.  Ismael & crew are a great asset to your company!
Jacob P. of Leesburg, VA
Tuesday, November 1st
Very pleased with overall process, crews etc.  Thank you for helping make my house more comfortable and energy efficient!  Local business with a very specific expertise in re-insulating homes.  Reviews of prior customers and quick turn around to addressing concerns.
Stephanie K. of Leeburg, VA
Friday, March 14th
I thoroughly reviewed your web site, looked at the various videos and  understood what Dr. Energy Saver could do for me.  Having obtained additional estimates, I was surprised at the variance in price for the same services.  Mike indicated that Dr. Energy Saver would match comparable prices for the same services plus an additional $100.00  
Don P. of Herndon, VA
Tuesday, June 24th
I can't say enough about how happy I am with their service and the results speak for themselves.  My house is more comfortable and i don't experience the significant changes in air quality as it goes from day to night and warm to cold.  I am very pleased.  They resolved a humidity problem which had caused staining in my interior walls.  All better now!
Heidi F. of Reston, VA
Tuesday, February 25th
Justin, Anthony, Ariel, Robert, Ulises, Irvine, and all who worked this crawlspace encapsulation were personable and professional.  Special mention is made of Justin.  A hard working, bright young man.  Ariel and Anthony provided immediate response and corrected a post-install problem.  Terrific customer service!
Paul C. of Hamilton, VA
Wednesday, December 9th
Shayne did an excellent job explaining the work that needed to be done.  They were prompt and polite and Ismael was thorough, answered questions, and explained everything well.  
Ellen Z. of Hamilton, VA
Monday, May 30th
Corey Hatcher was very professional, personable, and informative.  He took time to understand our needs, explain everything very carefully, and quickly answer my follow-up calls and emails.     Ismael led the crew and was very down to earth and explained everything clearly.  He answered all questions and reviewed progress many times along the way.  Rafael and Rodrigo did great work and the clean-up was impeccable.  
Greg B. of Centreville, VA
Friday, January 27th
5 Stars all around
David S. of Vienna, VA
Monday, December 9th
Very knowledgeable and responsive to follow up questions.  Very pleased with the work.  Crew was very prompt, efficient and cleaned up nicely.  Crew chief was great.
Ryan V. of Fairfax Station, VA
Thursday, February 4th
The company knew we needed to get the job completed quickly due to renovation plans and were willing to schedule weekend jobs in order to accomodate our work schedules.  Mike was thorough in explaining what would be done and made sure I was shown the work as each step was completed.  
Mike D. of Harpers Ferry, WV
Saturday, October 10th
I want to thank the company and acknowledge the professional analysis conducted today by Mr. Mike Dowling. My home is about 200 years old and although not that  unusual in Loudoun is complicated from the energy assessment requirements. Mr. Dowling was patient, thorough and extremely helpful in my new understanding of the options available for a home built with totally different energy considerations compared to the modern home - yet with possibly even more critical energy consumption considerations compared to an earlier time.  Thanks again to comfenergy and to the services of Mike....Larry
Larry W. of Arlington, VA
Ariel's crew was wonderful
Fred G. of Clifton, VA
Sunday, January 26th
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