Case Studies

Spray Foam Insulation Case Studies: Humidity Control - Bluemont, VA Community Center

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This Bluemont, VA Community Center was having trouble lowering the humidity in the building during the summer months.  The building got cool, but it was always sticky and clammy.  They had purchased commercial de-humidifiers and installed them, but nothing was working for them.


Upon a full evaluation by Scott Beers with Comfenergy, he found a tremendous amount of air leakage in the building envelope.  This was allowing hot/humid summer air to enter the building faster than the AC and commercial de-humidifiers could remove it.  

A complete attic and crawl space "encapsulation" was performed by the Comfenergy team.  This sealed up the air leakage and allowed them to de-humidify the air in the summer.  Wait until they see how low their new utility bills will be!

Project Summary

Evaluator: Scott Beers