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Spray Foam Insulation Case Studies: Drafty Top Floor-Stephenson, VA

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 by Justin Dobson
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This Stephenson, VA home suffered from a drafty top floor in the winter.  The culprit??? KNEE-WALLS!!!  Knee-walls are often attached to a vented soffit, which allows outside air up into the knee-wall and then into the home. Most knee-walls (including this one) are insulated to code with fiberglass batts.  This provides no air sealing capabilities at all.


The solution proposed by Comfenergy was to encapsulate the knee-walls with closed cell spray foam. This not only air seals the knee-wall, it also provides an excellent thermal barrier for the top floor.  No more drafty top floor here!!

Project Summary

Evaluator: Carl Depner