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Insulation Services Case Studies: Making the top floor cooler in the summer-Leesburg, VA

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 by Justin Dobson
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This Leesburg, VA homeowner was having issues keeping the top floor cool in the summer.  They were recommended to Comfenergy by their HVAC contractor who was out of solutions.  


After a full evaluation Comfenergy found numerous causes to the top floor being too hot in the summer months. Fiberglass was used allowing air to pass through it.  HVAC ducting wasn't insulated well to lessen heat transfer. There was also a tremendous amount of air leakage from the home into the attic.

Comfenergy removed the old insulation, air sealed, sprayed HVAC supply boots with closed cell spray foam, replace torn HVAC insulated flex ducts, and insulated properly.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Scott Beers