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Insulation Services Case Studies: Installing a Sump Pump Exhaust in Alexandria, VA

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 by John LeVan


This Alexandria, VA homeowner had a crawl space with a water infiltration problem during periods of excessive rains.


A water managemenrt system including the installation of smart pipe and a "Super Sump" sump pump was required to manage the water during these periods of high rain.

The exhaust line for the sump pump needed to go out the side wall of the home, where it exhuasted through a burred pipe leading to a "pop-up" fixture on the customer's lawn.

Project Summary

consultant: John LeVan

Installer: Anthony Dotson

Installer: Irving Dominguez

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John LeVan is a Mechanical Engineer trained at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. John also has an advance degree in Operations Management from Cornell University.