Case Studies

Insulation Services Case Studies: Injection Foam - Woodbridge, VA

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This Woodbridge, VA homeowner was looking to solve many problems in their home.  The exterior walls were drafty, the basement was cold, and the attic needed work too.


Comfenergy put together several solutions to tackle these problems.  The exterior walls were air sealed by using injection foam.  We can literally inject foam into the walls through small holes to cut down on the drafts.  Then, the basement walls were insulated with "Basement to Beautiful" wall panels. These panels are 3" thick foam boards with metal studs and "tracks" for electrical wiring.  These boards are air tight and provide the proper insulation for the unfinished basement walls. Then, the drywall can be installed right over top of them.

Finally, the attic got a set of new soffit air baffles for ventillation, a new bathroom exhaust fan, and air sealing and insulation.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Scott Beers

Technician: Marvin Galdemez