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Insulation Services Case Studies: Blower Door Used in Air Sealing Project in Sterling, VA

Monday, May 13th, 2019 by John LeVan
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Comfenergy was called to this Sterling, VA location to seal leaks in a room containing a bank of servers so that the fire suppression system could be converted to an air displacement system rather than a water based system.  Air Displacement Fire Suppression systems are use in order to save the computer equipment from any water damage if the fire suppression system were to deploy.  They rely on the room containing the displacement gas for a period of 10 minutes.


We used a Blower Door to measure a baseline of uncontrolled air infiltration, and we made progress as we took action to plug the pathways found for uncontrolled air infiltration.

We were able to reduce the air flow by 50%!

Project Summary

Engineer: John LeVan

Technician: Anthony Dotson

About the author
John LeVan is a Mechanical Engineer trained at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. John also has an advance degree in Operations Management from Cornell University.