Case Studies

Insulation Services Case Studies: Sound Insulation - Centreville, VA

Monday, May 13th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This Centreville, VA homeowner had an interesting issue.  There was a plumbing drain line traveling in a hollow interior wall on their top floor.  On one side of the wall was the master bathroom, and on the other side was their daughter's bedroom. The sound of water falling down this drain line would keep her awake.


Comfenergy used injection foam to insulate this hollow wall without having to remove the drywall completely.  Holes (2 1/2" diameter) were drilled in the wall to then insert a tube and allow foam to fill each cavity.  The only drywall repair needed was to patch these small holes.  Now their daughter can sleep through her parents morning rituals while getting ready for work!  Another "outside the box" solution from Comfenergy!

Project Summary

Evaluator: Justin Dobson