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Insulation Services Case Studies: Attic Mold - Manassas, VA

Monday, May 13th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This Manassas, VA homeowner discovered mold growing on the underside of their roof deck in their attic.  They called Comfenergy in to figure out why this was happening and how to fix the problem.  Not only did we have to get rid of the mold, and figure out why it was happening but also how to keep it from coming back.  Mold growth means there is an accumulation of moisture somewhere. This moisture was caused during winter as heated air was leaving the house, traveling into the attic, and hitting the cold roof deck above.  The moisture created by the hot air hit the cold roof deck, condensated, and turned to mold.


Comfenergy got rid of the mold with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.  Then we completely sealed the attic of air leakage using one part foam spray and SilverGlo foam boards (for larger gaps).  Finally, a thick layer of TruSoft cellulose insulation was blown in to add a thermal barrier.

The result is the heat stays in the house longer and doesn't hit the roof deck. Side benefits of this project include: no more mold, less heat loss and thus less need for the furnace to run.  The house is less drafty, more comfortable, and cheaper to live in and operate.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Andrew Garnsey