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Insulation Services Case Studies: Cold Kitchen Cabinets in Bristow, VA

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This home in Bristow, VA was having issues with the lower kitchen cabinets being cold.  The lazy Susan in the corner was also VERY cold and drafty! When you opened the cabinet you could actually feel the cold air movement.


Comfenergy came up with the solution to this problem.  We simply removed a few pieces of the vinyl siding in this area, then we drilled holes just big enouh to fit a hose into the wall cavity to fill it with loose TruSoft cellulose insulation.  The holes were plugged by the wood we removed and then caulked around each hole.  The house wrap was re-installed, and the vinyl siding was put back on too.  You would never even know we were there, except the kitchen cabinets are nice and warm now. Comfenergy does it again!!

Project Summary

Evaluator: Andrew Garnsey