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Frozen pipes in Ashburn, VA

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This home in Ashburn, VA has always had issues with hot and cold spots, and freezing pipes in the winter.  We found cold air in the master bedroom attic to be getting around the batt insulation leading to the bathroom above.  This entire neighborhood of Potomac Green has notorious drafts and hot/cold spots. These homes have also dealt with many frozen water lines. The water lines were freezing almost 20 feet from the exterior of the home!!!


Comfenergy installed 4" thick SilverGlo foam boards with heat reflective barrier on the attic walls.  This not only made this Ashburn home more comfortable in the Summer and Winter.....but it lessened the draftiness of the home, and the pipes don't freeze any more!!!

Problem solved!!!  Foam board insulation in an attic keeps the cold air from travelling beneath the bathroom tub.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Andrew Garnsey