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Insulation Services Case Studies: Cold Floors in Rooms Above the Garage in Lorton, VA

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 by Crystal Bonner


If your home has a built-in garage, chances are there's a room above it to give your home the most space possible. In this homeowner's case, they had a bedroom, bathroom, and closet above their garage and the floors in those areas were always freezing. This problem was a consequence of an unheated and under insulated garage. Most garage ceilings are insulated with fiberglass batts. These batts leave lots of air space for air to circulate around them, eliminating their R-value, and resulting in cold and drafty floors above. 


The first place our energy expert, Carl, inspected to solve this problem was obviously the garage ceiling because of its proximity to the room above. Air sealing and insulating a garage ceiling will prevent cold floors or drafts from ruining your indoor living space. It will also prevent dangerous auto emissions from entering your home and harming your family.

When the Comfenergy production crew arrived they got straight to work. Drywall was removed from the garage ceiling and cellulose insulation was blown in and dense packed into the floor above. This compresses the existing loose fiberglass batts and the density stops airflow through the floor from air leaks. 

This Lorton, VA homeowner no longer has to suffer with cold floors and soaring energy bills because of their garage. If you have comfort issues in rooms over your garage, give us a call! One of our wonderful home comfort evaluators can provide the right insulation and air sealing solution for your space, and transform that stuffy or frigid room above the garage into a space you love to use! 

Project Summary

Evaluator: Carl Depner