Case Studies

Insulation Services Case Studies: Cantilever Insulation in Paris, VA

Thursday, January 24th, 2019 by Crystal Bonner


A homeowner in Paris, VA had cold bedrooms all winter long. The temperature was uneven throughout their house and they wanted to feel warm in their upstaris rooms. The home has a cantilevered floor, which is a floor that stick out past the wall below it. This building detail allows air to leak in, creating cold floors above it and cold ceilings below it. The insulation in most cantilevers is either inadequate or non-existant. It doesn't fill the bay and doesn't stop the air flow. This particular home has cantilevers in both the front and the rear of the house. 


To fix this issue, the team at Comfenergy properly insulated these cantilevers. The soffit boards were taken down and SilverGlo foam blocks were installed to block the bays. Then, polyurethane foam was sprayed over the block and on the bottom of the floor deck to stop all air flow and insulate. The balance of the air space was then filled up with the fiberglass insulation. The soffit board was reinstalled and sealed. This resulted in lower energy bills, warmer floors, less drafts, and upstairs rooms that are much more comfortable. 

Project Summary

Estimator: Chad Brofermaker