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Insulation Services Case Studies: Uncomfortable Master Bedroom and Top Floor in Huntly, VA

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 by Crystal Bonner


Homeowners in Huntly, VA wanted to make their master bedroom and top floor more comfortable all year. Garages are not heated, but the finished rooms above them are, so the garage must be properly insulated. Unfortunately, fiberglass batts leave a lot of air space for air to circulate around them. Knee wall space is often also insulated with inefficient fiberglass or not at all. To make matters worse, many times ducts are located in your vented attic. Attics are the extreme opposite temperature of the air your ducts are trying to distribute to your rooms and are typically poorly insulated as well. All of these issues result in uncomfortable rooms, higher fuel and electric bills, more dust, and more noise. 


We can solve these problems! First we insulated the garage ceiling. In this case, we cut a section out of the drywall in the ceiling and dense packed it with Prowool. Next, we sprayed the knee walls of the master bedroom with closed cell spray foam. Finally, we encapsulated the duct system in the attic with polyurethane spray foam and replaced the drywall section that was cut out in the garage ceiling. This resulted in warmer floors above, more comfortable rooms, quieter floors upstairs, and lower heating and air conditioning bills. 

Project Summary

Estimator: Shayne Sandner