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Insulation Services Case Studies: CleanSpace Crawl space Encapsulation - Quantico, VA

Friday, September 21st, 2018 by Crystal Bonner


Homeowners in Quantico, VA wanted to reduce the chance of water in their crawl space. Tons of houses were built with vented crawl spaces. In the summer, these vents let warm humid air in which is cooled by the subterranean crawl space. This causes the relative humidity to go way up and condensation to form all over the crawl space surfaces, including floor joists and ducts. Mold grows and wood rots, while insect and other pests flourish. An unending stream of water vapor comes up from the ground adding to the moisture load in the crawl space and house. This damp air is also harder to heat and cool. 


The vents are sealed up and a dimpled plastic drainage matting is installed on the floor to create a space and thermal break. Then a heavy duty 20 mil thick CleanSpace liner is installed across the floor over the drainage matting and up the walls. CleanSpace features UltraFresh anti-microbial ingredients in the product. Lastly, closed cell spray foam is installed from the bottom of the walls, over the sill plate, and to the top of the rim joist. This results in much lower humidity, a more comfortable house, and lower fuel and electric bills. 

Project Summary

Estimator: Bill Day