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Insulation Services Case Studies: Ice Damming-Boyce, VA

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 by Justin Dobson
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This Boyce, VA homeowner was having issues with ice damming on the roof of their home.  Ice damming occurs when the snow on the roof melts during the day time, then the water runs into the gutter that is already likely clogged with snow and ice.  Then, the water freezes again overnight.  This creates huge icicles that can make water drain into the home, and also pull gutters right off of the home.


Comfenergy found that the ice damming was being caused by heated air leaking from the home, up into the attic and melting the snow.  The solution was to seal all areas of hot air leakage on the attic floor, and add more TruSoft cellulose insulation as a better thermal barrier.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Keith Richards