Case Studies

Insulation Services Case Studies: Cold Drafty Rooms - Elkwood, VA

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 by Justin Dobson


Cold walls and drafty areas were the complaint of this Elkwood, VA homeowner.  A full evaluation of the drafty section of the home  revealed almost empty wall cavities.  The fiberglass insulation in the walls was not thick enough to keep it in place and cold air traveled throughout the walls easily.


The solution was to have the exterior walls dense packed with TruSoft cellulose insulation.  The vinyl siding is removed in sections so that 2.5" diameter holes can be drilled in the plywood sheathing.  Once the walls were denseley packed , the vinyl siding was re-installed.  You wouldn't even know we were there!

Now the walls are warm and cozy, and the room is less drafty!!!


Project Summary

Evaluator: Scott Beers