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Venting Bathroom Exhaust Fans in Sterling, VA

Once we created an attic access in this homeowner's home, we found two bathroom attic fans that were exhausting into the attic. In the wintertime, this hot humid air, blowing into a cold attic will create condensation and possibly mold on organic material. We took action and vented them outside of the house through the gable. 

Duct Leakage-Linden, VA

This Linden, VA homeowner was hving trouble keeping the top floor cool in the summer.  After a thorough comfort evaluation by Comfenergy it was determined that their HVAC ducting system was leaky and poorly insulated.  The air coming into the rooms was actually higher than the thermostat setting.  

Hard to keep a room 72 if the air you're pumping into it is 85!!!

Leaky & Poorly Insulated Attic Duct Work in Boston, VA

This Boston, VA homeowner had issues staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A FREE comfort evaluation by Comfenergy revealed, among other things, an HVAC ducting system located in the attic that was both leaky and not insulated.  The hot air was leaking into the attic in the winter. The cold air was becoming re-heated in the summer. Not only was this causing discomfort, but it was making their utility bills go literally through the roof!!

Comfenergy encapsulated the attic ducting system to seal it from those air leaks. This keeps all of their air in the home!  It also insulates the air travelling through the ducting system so that it comes out of the vents at the right temperature to stay comfortable.

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