Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: Historic Purcellville, VA Home Gets Energy Upgrades

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This historic home in Purcellville, VA needed a way to lower the oil and electric bills.  The homeowner also had one special request: that any insulation we added would be able to be removed if he ever sold the home.  He wanted to have energy efficiency upgrades, yet have them be reversible to make the home original again for sale.


Comfenergy put together a plan to encapsulate the attic to keep heated and cooled air in the home.  This turns the attic into a conditioned space. SilverGlo foam boards and OSB plywood were used to install a storage deck on the floor of the attic too.  Plywood "dams" keep the loosely blown cellulose into place and not cover the storage decks. 

The results: The house is now quieter, the heat runs less often, the utlity bills have been lowered, there are less drafts, and it is all reversible if needed to make the house original again!

Project Summary

Evaluator: Mike Dowling