Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: New Product Installation of a RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard

Monday, April 19th, 2021 by Ashley Walther


This homeowner in Potomac Falls, VA noticed that his gutters were constantly clogged with leaves. The home is located in a wooded area and surrounded by trees on all sides. Our team went out to evaluate what the best solution would be for him, and it became obvious that the homeowner needed all new gutters installed as the miters and joints were very worn out. The Gutter Guard would be installed after the new gutters. 


Our team removed the old, damaged gutters and installed new ones - the homeowner had 5 inch gutters and upgraded to 6 inch. We then began the installation of the RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard system. This system covers the gutters in an attractive and discreet way, and prevents any build up of leaves or debris that causes clogs and overflowing water/seepage.