Customer Testimonial from Kelley D. in Manassas, VA

Good morning Michael!

I have no idea what your people actually did, from a task or skill perspective. I haven't gone up to see and wouldn't really know what I was looking at beyond a general idea anyway. I can speak to the results. It is warm, not freezing or sweltering. In every room. I don't put on boots and three layers to cook. I don't need a swimsuit to navigate my upper level. And my heat isn't running all the time either. 
Your team was pleasant and considerate. Jordan went above and beyond in terms of helping me manage unexpected household situations (he called 15 min before arriving so I could put the dog up, a half hour before departing so I could return, sent pictures for the trust, etc).  
Christine is and has been fabulous at every point. And...this will sound silly but trust me, it isn't...unlike the construction crew that recently departed, your team did not leave my powder room looking like a port-a-potty in a third world country. Very important. 
I am so happy with my decision to call Comfenergy and would gladly recommend you to anyone. Thanks for a cozy home!
Warm Regards,
Kelly D.
- Kelley D. of Manassas, VA
Tuesday, December 29th