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Before and After Pictures from Burke
From Spooky to Spectacular!

From Spooky to Spectacular!

Before After
From Spooky to Spectacular! From Spooky to Spectacular!

A homeowner in Burke, VA did NOT like her attic. It was dark and icky and not an area that she liked to be in. She noticed dirt on her bedroom ceiling. The dirt was coming from the air vents and the attic was directly above her bedroom. She tried getting her ducts cleaned and a new HVAC system installed, but the dirt kept coming. Finally, she gave us a call at Comfenergy to address the space she'd rather not think about- the spooky attic. 

Our Sales Professional, Carl, could immediately see the problem. The insulation in this attic hadn't been replaced in a very long time. The decaying insulation contained pests droppings, dirt, and lots of dust. There were a few mold spots in places as well. After agreeing on a solution, the Comfenergy Production Crew got to work. We removed and properly disposed of the yucky old insulation and vacuumed out the space to get rid of all the dirt and grime. The attic was air sealed and fresh, clean ProWool Premium Insulation was installed. The duct system was encapsulated with polyurethane spray foam, the metal chimney was properly insulated, and Stefans' Radiant Barrier was installed along the underside of the roof rafters. 

Now this homeowner's attic is spectacular instead of spooky.  No more dirt on the bedroom ceiling, and she now had attic insulation that she would never have to replace again. ProWool does not lose its effectiveness over time and will not sag, settle, or be damaged by moisture. This attic make-over made this customer's home cleaner, more comfortable, and will save her money on her energy bills. 

Burke, VA Attic Enhancement

Burke, VA Attic Enhancement

Before After
Burke, VA Attic Enhancement Burke, VA Attic Enhancement

This Burke, VA home was suffering from an uncomfortable draftiness that seemed to happen throughout the entire home. Our sales professional Greg went out to the property to perform a full home inspection and find the best possible solution to the homeowner’s discomfort. After completing the inspection Greg explained to the homeowners that the primary cause of their discomfort was the attic’s lack of proper air sealing and the low-end insulation that was failing to properly protect the house. He determined that the best course of action to end their discomfort would be to completely air seal the attic and replace the old insulation with new high-quality TruSoft cellulose. After the homeowners agreed to Greg’s solution one of our service crews went out to get to work on the home. The crew started by removing and disposing of the old ineffective insulation that had been one of the biggest contributing factors to the draftiness. After that, they applied ZypFoam air sealant to all of the gaps in the attic floor to prevent any potential leaks that could lead to uncontrolled unconditioned air seeping from the attic and into the living spaces. Finally, the crew installed the new TruSoft cellulose as the primary source of insulation to keep the home comfortable in even the windiest conditions.

Duct Spray Foam Encapsulation

Duct Spray Foam Encapsulation

Before After
Duct Spray Foam Encapsulation Duct Spray Foam Encapsulation

Spray foam insulation is an effective method to protect the air created by your HVAC system and safely deliver it to the rooms of the home it is intended to heat or cool.  

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Loudoun's Favorite Insulation Company 2019
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Best of Loudoun - 2019
We won the Best Insulation Company in Loudoun County again this year!!... [Read more]
2018 Superior Service Business of the Year
Comfenergy earned the 2018 Superior Service Business of the Year award from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce... [Read more]
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Reliable Home Insulation & Spray Foam Professionals in Burke

This Burke VA homeowner had increasing discomfort in her home due to rising outdoor temperatures impacting the living space inside. ...
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Testimonials From Burke
Scott Beers, our consultant, did an excellent, thoroughly professional job in explaining what the company...
Testimonial by Larry K. from Burke, VA
My team leader was very informed about the job. He had very nice and friendly men working with him and they...
Testimonial by Maureen A. from Burke, VA

Home Insulation Experts Serving Burke, VA

Comfenergy is Burke's authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! Not only do we offer a variety of home energy services, but we also offer replacement windows and door services to keep the outside out and warmth in, and to boost your curb appeal. You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with the least amount of hassle. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you are more than happy with our service. At Comfenergy our slogan is "We Fix Uncomfortable Homes!", and we guarantee we will do that. If your energy costs are too high, or there are areas of your home that are too cold in the winter or hot in the summer, contact us today!

Expert Spray Foam Insulation Company

At one point pink fiberglass insulation was the best option for home insulation. However, today spray foam insulation is the much better option. Spray foam insulation has several benefits and beats the traditional fiber-glass product in every way. Spray foam insulation is the top choice for homeowners, contractors, and building scientists (the experts who study home energy performance) for several reasons. Here are the top reasons spray foam insulation should be your number 1 choice:

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Provides both insulation and air sealing
  • Fills gaps and cracks
  • High R-value
  • Speedy installation
  • Spray foam won't shift, settle, or fall out of place

Burke’s Trusted Window & Door Replacements

Comfenergy also offers window and door replacements for an even more beautiful and efficient Burke home. We install Simonton interior window inserts, window replacements, and door replacements with expert precision. Replacement windows and doors will help to maintain more even temperatures and eliminate drafts and energy loss in your home. New windows and doors not only improve the interior and exterior appearance of your home, but they also can lead to significant energy savings. Call to schedule a free estimate today in Burke, VA!

Help Your Home with Attic Insulation

Upgrading your home’s attic insulation is a very effective & popular energy-saving method because there is usually a lot of room for improvement. Most homeowners believe their attic has enough insulation but once we explain how much insulation is actually needed to make your home efficient people understand that they don’t have anywhere near enough. It is common knowledge that hot air rises which is why a properly insulation attic is one of the most important things you can do for your home. By adding attic insulation to your home you are guaranteeing to save money and also have a more comfortable home. Not having a properly insulated attic is equivalent to constantly leaving one of your windows open. Don’t wait any longer to learn more about the attic insulation methods we have available in your area!.

Attic Insulation Services Available in Burke:

  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Blown Fiberglass Insulation
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Rigid Foam Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation Experts

Do you need crawl space insulation installed or replaced? If so, you're in the right place! A damp crawl space with falling or sagging insulation usually means the space has a moisture problem. If that is the case our team of experts can provide a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of your crawl space. We can then replace your existing insulation with a better option such as rigid foam or spray foam insulation. If your crawl space is completely missing insulation then your home is most likely cold and drafty. This is because the environment in your crawl space will transfer to other parts of your home, which is why proper crawl space insulation is essential to keeping your home comfortable and your energy bills low. To learn more about crawl space insulation cost, call, or click today!

Complete Insulation Services You Can Trust!

Comfenergy is Northern VA's preferred home insulation and air sealing services company. We have helped many homeowners not only reduce their home energy bills but improve the overall comfort of their homes without patented home insulation solutions.  Did you know that most modern homes do not have adequate insulation? Because of this, your home may feel drafty or uncomfortable throughout the year, mostly in the summer and winter, and this can increase your home energy costs. Proper insulation in your home allows your heating or air conditioning systems to work more efficiently which will save you money. 

We offer a wide variety of home insulation products and services, and each one serves its own unique purpose.  Our most popular form of insulation is spray foam.  Spray foam insulation is extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere in your home. Spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to lower energy costs, sometimes 30% or more!

Along with spray foam, we use many other different types of insulation as well. Some of our other insulation products include rigid foam, blown-in, cellulose, fiberglass, radiant barrier, and much more.  We understand that insulation is only part of the home energy and comfort equation, so because of this, we can insulate any area of your home.  We insulate spaces such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, walls, floors, garages, and much more.  If your home is uncomfortable or energy bills are too high, contact us today for a FREE home insulation quote!

Home Insulation Services:

Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

Do you think your home is not as energy efficient as it could be? The home energy experts at Comfenergy offer homeowners of Burke custom home energy audits.  Before we perform any work in your home, we will take the time to sit with you and discuss what areas of your home are your most problematic, and figure out if you are having common issues.  We till perform our energy audit, and once we have the results, we will go over our findings with you and figure out the next step.  We believe that this approach is the most beneficial for both parties because we can prioritize whatever work needs to be done without wasting your hard-earned money.  If you are interested in a comprehensive home energy audit, contact us today!

Get your FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Burke, Virginia, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient home!

Case Studies From Burke
"Top Floor Too Hot" is one of our main catch phrases. Often we experience clients who had no idea it was a home comfort issue that could be fixed. ...
This Burke, VA homeowner was looking to make their home a more consistant temperature throughout. The top floor was hot int the summer and the...
This new construction project in Burke, VA was looking for energy efficient wall insulation. The customer did not want fiberglass insulation as he...
Work Requests From Burke, VA
Project Location: Burke, VA
Hi! We are first time home owners and purchased our townhome in January. The insulation in the attic seems insufficient - there is only 2-4inches of insulation and it gets very hot upstairs. Additionally, there seems to be a good amount of trash collected in the attic from decades of previous owners.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Home Energy Audit requested to review potential options for improving comfort in home, understanding air quality, and equalizing temperature across rooms, particularly in the second story of the home
Project Location: Burke, VA
Hi, I would like to soundproof my two bedroom ceilings and probably some of the walls! I would like you to visit and give us an estimate and explain the best procedure to follow ! Please contact me using emails, I am not always available on the phone
Project Location: Burke, VA
I strongly suspect I have potential improvements that can be made in my home, as far as climate control, and I'd like a review of what can be done, cost, and potential improvement.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Air leakage, low insulation drafty house
Project Location: Burke, VA
High electric bill
Project Location: Burke, VA
Would like to get an estimate for attic insulation for my split-level home.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Looking for an attic inspection and quotes for cleanup/insulation
Project Location: Burke, VA
I'd like to get a quote for adding blown in insulation to my attic.
Project Location: Burke, VA
I am interested in getting an audit of our house. I am most interested in getting an assessment and potentially receiving services relating to duct sealing/insulation, home air sealing, and home insulation (particularly the attic).
Project Location: Burke, VA
Attic insulation
Project Location: Burke, VA
Our third floor runs 6-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the home. We have a great HVAC company and trust them when they say the system is working, but the house design is contributing to our issues. They recommended looking at the insulation in our attic and also considering an attic fan, as well as some in home fixes like adding more HVAC sensors upstairs, which we are currently doing. We would like any advice and recommendations you can offer from your perspective. I don't have photos of the attic, but it's a standard colonial home. I think the attic spans the entire upstairs which I estimate is 800 sq ft. I think there is loose insulation up there. Thanks.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Recently had attic inspected for critter control and was told our attic lacked insulation; now that it's getting warmer; it's warmer upstairs than other levels of our townhouse. Interested in getting a quote and finding out more about the process.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Attic insulation, insulation in floor/walls of addition over garage, insulation/soundproofing in walls
Project Location: Burke, VA
Looking to get an estimate on attic insulation and air sealing in a few spots in the attic of my home.
Project Location: Burke, VA
I would like a quote for airsealing and replacing/adding insulation to my attic as well as encapsulating 2 crawlspaces.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Interested in spray foaming of attic and potentially some areas in the basement. Small townhome.
Project Location: Burke, VA
We have issues keeping our upstairs warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Project Location: Burke, VA
Just looking for an overall energy audit to identify issues. Home is 1970s split level
Project Location: Burke, VA
Would like to get an estimate for both upgrading my attic insulation and performing air sealing around the home. I am currently at the stage where I am comparing various companies estimates, but plan on doing the work before Xmas if possible.

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