Customer Testimonial from Adam S. in Sterling, VA

Your prices aren't cheap, but I feel confident that Scott has recommended the right course of action for my house (which gets upwards of 105 degrees upstairs in the summer). I appreciate how prepared he was, how he took the time to listen to my concerns, and didn't try to sell me things I wasn't sure we needed. I had one guy recent told me that an attic fan was the way to go, but I felt like that wasn't the whole story. When I asked Scott if I needed an attic fan, he said I could get one, but having proper insulation would mean that we would be able to retain heat or repel heat where appropriate & not need one.

I look forward to scheduling the installation & potentially having a follow-up with Scott in the dead of summer to see how much things have changed and if any other work needs to be done.

I learned there was no insulation in parts of the house where there should have been, and that some insulation had fallen away from the wall.

- Adam S. of Sterling, VA
Tuesday, June 24th
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