Job review from in Warrenton, VA 20187 on 06/07/18

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5  out of 5
Our Overall Service

My problem was sweating registers in my second floor ceiling in very hot and very humid weather...over 60 days last summer. After a long search and spending thousand of $, and talking with many hvac companies, I was referred to Comfenergy. Their website says it all. They are very expert and widely knowledgeable and, in my experience, very candid and accommodating. Their scientific knowledge of energy uses and air flow and insulation is so much broader than I found talking with most hvac experts who came to inspect my problem. This is because some, maybe many problems, are not caused by or can be solved by an air conditioner or heat pump. Mine certainly was not and I tried many changes to my system. I will not know if my sweating problems are solved until the next heat wave. I am convinced that Comfenergy has made a very knowledgeable and intense try to solve the problem. I can already see that my air flow from all registers has much improved as an example of improvement. I am as hopeful as they that it has been worthwhile and effective.

Call Representative

I talked with one of the owners. He was clearly a true expert in a much wider field than hvac, though he was knowledgeable in hvac too. He immediately saw new answers to my problem of sweating, even "raining" registers in the ceiling of the second floor.

Sales Process

I cannot say enough praise for Mr. Shayne Sandner. He was highly recommended to me by well respected technician in this field and Shayne lived up to the high praise. He was tireless, expert, well experienced, honest, transparent, and extremely customer service oriented. He was always prompt to respond to emails and calls. He will work easily with you get a solution to your problem. He always showed a sincere interest in solving the problems that he proved with his actions as well as words. He came to the last day of the project work and ensured the work was done well and completed. His experience and expertise was helpful and reassuring. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering having this type work done!

Our Installation Crew

The team leader, Ruben, was also a dynamic worker on the team and I recommend you ask for him and his team. He reminds me of a younger Shayne as he has many of his fine qualities. He and his team are very hardworking even in the trying conditions of a very hot attic. Think of it. Being in a super heated attic with protective suit and air mask, moving deep fiberglass insulation around to be able to work on flexible ducting, and appling the insulating foam, you are tempted to take short cuts and do it quick to get out of the oppression of the hot cramped space. Ruben and his team did not give in. I was nearby and checked in on them for the two days they were here. They willingly worked until both they and I were satisfied. Ruben regularly kept me advised and asked for inspections. Often this was facilitated by his cell phone's pictures which gave a sense of what they found...and there were a number of problems, some not anticipated, and how they fixed them. Great customer service Ruben! Ruben was very knowledgeable and when, the few times he was not sure on how to best answer my questions, he quickly researched the answers. He is faithful to following the technical book on what to do and what is not best or unsafe. He is the reliable type of person who is flexible and open to suggestions and quick to understand your point. I recommend him and his team...they would be worth waiting for if your schedule permits. (This is not to take away from other teams as my experience is limited to this fine team.)

The Cleanup Process

At the beginning of the day they did a good job of putting down protection for the floors and clothes in the clothes in the closet where the attic access is located. At the end of each day they did a good job of putting the house back together. They were respectful of the house and did not inadvertently scratch or dent walls or wallpaper when moving equipment or items to be removed or installed.

What made you choose our company:

I was very impressed by my initial conversation with one of the owners. Also, the offer of free inspection and blower door test showed me that the company really believed in the quality of their work.