Job review from in Lovettsville, VA 20180 on 02/16/17

Overall Rating:

4.8  out of 5
How knowledgeable was the energy adviser

Shayne Sandner is absolutely wonderful! He replies quickly either through email or phone. He quickly came out and inspected the house and had workers out the next day for both projects. Even when more work was discovered in another area of the house I called him and he came out immediately even though the location is our of his way. He answered all my questions and concerns and was very professional.

Did the energy adviser explain his findings

Yes and he sent multiple contracts to fit our needs and was understanding of cost and time issues.

Was the energy adviser friendly

was extremely friendly!

How pleased were you with the experience

What did they learn that was most surprising:

That we had issues in other areas of the house and wouldn't have known if the contractor didn't look. I appreciate them checking all areas even though they didn't have too. It solved multiple problems in one visit. Was very much appreciated since we are in the process of selling the house.