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Ductwork Solutions Case Studies: Duct Repair Training - Sterling, VA

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 by John LeVan


Part of providing excellent customer service is keeping our teams up to date on how things work / or don't work.  Duct leakage is a major compoent of many issues that we fix at Comfenergy. 


Training our crews on how metal ductwork is assembled is part of what we needed to do in order to improve their ability to understand and communicate this issue to customers.

In this session, Justin Dobson trained the crew on how metal ductwork is assembled.  He then used talcum powder to show how much air can leak out of the "slip joints" of the ductwork.  Once we saw how the leaks occur, we discussed the several strategies we use to address duct leakage including: mastic, spray foam sealing and insulation of ductwork, and the use of metal tape.

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Project Summary

Instructor: Justin Dobson

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John LeVan is a Mechanical Engineer trained at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. John also has an advance degree in Operations Management from Cornell University.