Case Studies

Rodents in the Attic-Waterford, VA

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This Waterford, VA homeonwer had rodents in their attic that were found by a normal pest maintenance inspection. The existing insulation was disgusting!!  I hope you're not eating, but rodent urine when dried, can crystalize and become airborne and creep into the air inside your home!!!!


Comfenergy removed all of the existing insulaiton and disposed of it at the local dump.  Then the entire attic was vacuumed and disinfected. Then, larger holes are covered with copper mesh. Rodents hate the taste of copper!  The attic was air sealed using one part srpay foam.  Finally, a new level layer of TruSoft cellulose was installed.  Rodents also do not like cellulose as its treated with borate and it irritates their lungs.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Justin Dobson