Case Studies

Blown-in Insulation Case Studies: Rodents in Attic-Amissville, VA

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 by Justin Dobson


This Amissville, VA homeowner called Comfenergy because they had rodents in the attic.  The pest control company had rid the attic of the pests, but a nasty mess was left behind.  The big issues with rodents is the fecal matter and urine they leave behind.  The urine crystallizes and becomes airborne and can enter the home and its not healthy!


The process of replacing the attic insulation goes as follows:

1. Remova all of the existing attic and dispose properly.

2. Use of HEPA vacuum to make sure nothing nasty is left behind.

3. Fog the attic with anti-microbial agent to kill anything left.

4. Air seal the attic with one part foam and use of copper mesh over large access holes. (rodent hate the taste of copper)

5. Blow in new TruSoft cellulose insulation treated with borate to keep them from coming back!

This is a fairly easy, effective, and low cost way of treating for rodents on your attic.

Project Summary

Evaluator: Justin Dobson