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Photo Album: Cellulose Insulation Job in Dunn Loring, VA

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Homeowners in Dunn Loring, VA were experiencing uneven temperatures throughout their home. They had insufficient attic insulation that was old and contaminated. The first thing that the Comfenergy crew had to do was get rid of the old stuff and prepare the attic for the installation of fresh, clean, insulation. Then we air sealed all of the accessible penetrations and top plates and installed TiteShell recessed can light covers. Finally, TruSoft Cellulose insulation was installed to an R value of 49. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled materials that are ground into a fluffy, lightweight material with insulation value as high as R-4 per in. The insulation is treated with a non-toxic borate solution that gives the material a Class 1 fire safety rating (the highest available), while also making it resistant to mold and insects. Blown cellulose insulation is an affordable solution that can dramatically improve comfort and energy efficiency.

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