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Fresh air return in the attic in Haymarket, VA

Fresh air return in the attic in Haymarket, VA
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This is a picture of a fresh air return in the attic that the builder installed. Due to code standards, sometimes that they need to add this. 

But, getting fresh air from your attic is dumping hot humid air into your HVAC system to cool and dehumidify. This air is hotter than outside sometimes 100-140 degrees in the attic. Its like running your A/C with all the windows open.  Sadly, most houses were not tested with a blower door to see if they needed ventilation or not. So this extra work the A/C is doing may be all for nothing plus raising your electric bill and sacrificing your comfort. 

Some people say, "Well houses need to breathe." The proper thing to do is to seal it tight and ventilate it right. That way you can control the ventilation it needs and any control any moisture vapor that could occur.  

Have Comfenergy out for a free evaluation which includes a blower door test. This will tell you if your house is too loose or to tight. Then we can give the proper solutions to make it better.