How Much are Home Buyers Willing to Pay

According to a recent article from Eye on Housing written by Carmel Ford on average home buyers are willing to pay an additional $8,728 upfront on a home in order to save $1,000 a year in utility bills. These numbers were gotten from a study done by the National Association of Home Builders. This study was conducted by surveying recent and prospective home buyers about what they want in a home and community.


According to the study, only 17% of buyers said they would be willing to pay less than $1,000 upfront. 46% of buyers said they would be willing to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $9,999 in additional upfront costs and 37% of buyers said they would be willing to spend $10,000 or more upfront. Additional data shows that homebuyers who are already willing to spend $500,000 on a home will pay on average $10,560 for more energy efficiency. This data also showed that home buyers who were spending less than $150,000 on a home would spend only $6,653 in order to save money on energy.


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