Product Profile: EverLast Crawl Space Door

You probably haven't given too much thought about your crawl space door, but it has a significant impact on your home. Typical crawl space doors are made from wood which can crack, warp, and deteriorate over time. They are also often loosely secured with hinges or screws, allowing insects, pests, and outside air to enter.  Properly sealing your crawl space entryway is a crucial step to keeping hot, humid summer air and cold winter air out of your house.

Replacing a leaky, deteriorating wood crawl space door with an EverLast Crawl Space Door is a smart upgrade.

The EverLast crawl space door is the solution to seal the entryway to your crawl space. EverLast crawl space doors from Comfenergy are made from ½-inch thick PVC plastic that is just about indestructible. They will never warp, crack, shrink or require maintenance or painting. Heavy duty weatherstripping that is included with each EverLast door ensure an airtight and waterproof seal. Because it is inorganic, it does not support mold growth. EverLast also creates a beautiful finished look to the exterior of your home. Several different colors and sizes are available. 

The EverLast Crawl Space Door will do the job that wood doors can’t and are inexpensive and easy to install.

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An EverLast crawl space door installed by Comfenergy