Crawl Spaces and Cold Floors

It's the winter season and many people experience cold floors, particularly above their crawl space, during this time. Crawl spaces are often under-insulated and are not sealed off from the outside, allowing air to flow through it.  This air flow in the crawl space is what causes cold floors. Cold air infiltrates the structure through vents and gaps. The insulation that you might have under your floor isn't enough to prevent the cold air from getting through, which forces your heating systems to work harder, costing you money. 

Comfenergy can eliminate cold floors by sealing and insulating your crawl space.  

The first step towards warmer floors is insulation. We use spray foam and rigid foam board, both of which provide water resistance. This means they Crawl Spaces and Cold Floors - Image 1won't decay and lose effectiveness like fiberglass batts. Spray foam air seals as it insulates, eliminating small gaps and cracks. Rigid foam is designed for crawl space walls and also include a thermal barrier to prevent air you've paid to heat from escaping the home. Next, we seal the area with a polyurethane membrane to further eliminate outside air, excess moisture, and pest problems in the crawl space. This makes the crawl space part of the "conditioned" space -- the area you heat and cool.

Once this system is in place, you will notice dramatically warmer floors and lower utility costs. You will also gain the added bonus of another storage area! If you are interested in having your crawl space encapsulated, contact the experts at Comfenergy and schedule your free evaluation today.