TerraBlock - A Patented Product That Sets Our Crawl Space Solutions Above The Rest

TerraBlock is a durable crawl space floor insulation. It is custom fitted to each unique environment within a crawl space. It can be installed on rocky, dirt, or uneven floors, or it can be placed over drainage matting. TerraBlock provides a puncture resistant vapor barrier – it will not tear or break nor will it foster the conditions for mold, rot, or mildew to develop. It also adds cushioning to the floor of the crawl space, so it can be accessed in a more comfortable way and can now be a usable storage area! One of the most impactful effects of a TerraBlock is the thermal insulation it provides. Cold air from the crawl space won’t affect the floors above and it helps prevent your utility systems from freezing or cooling excessively during cold months. This makes the home more comfortable and energy efficient, all year round!

Many crawl spaces are insulated with fiberglass. Usually, this is installed on the ‘ceiling’ of the crawl space for the purpose of preventing cold air and drafts from escaping into the home. Many crawl spaces are also prone to moist conditions, high humidity, water damage, and the presence of pests. This bodes poorly for standard fiberglass insulation – it quickly absorbs moisture from the air, causing mold growth and for the insulation to get waterlogged and weighed down. Sometimes, this even causes the insulation to fall down completely. Mice and other critters like to chew through fiberglass insulation and make their nests in it. By comparison, TerraBlock is completely waterproof and pests can’t burrow into it to create nests.

TerraBlock is a patented Basement Systems product that our competitors do not offer. When combined with our crawl space wall insulation panels (SilverGlo), it is the premier solution system for creating an insulated and waterproofed crawl space. Our system includes a 25-year written warranty for long-term peace of mind and home health.


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