Life at Comfenergy: Through the Eyes of a Lowly Intern

Friday, August 16th, 2019 by Madison Parse

For the past 3 months I have spent a few days a week working as the summer intern for Comfenergy, and it was 3 months I will never forget. 

This summer I had different plans in store- a big fancy job, with a fancy title, a fancy apartment, and a fancy new wardrobe. One month before my start date I received a phone call that my paperwork was not going to be processed in time and I no longer had a job. About five minutes after I received this call, my mom got a call asking about me and my summer employment. This phone call was how I ended up with Comfenergy, this phone call reminded me that what is meant to be will be. 

Rather than spending my summer in a highrise in a city taking the metro to work, I spent my summer in a commercial stripmall in Sterling, VA and fought over the family’s 2000 VW Diesel Jetta with my younger sisters. This summer was not what I was expecting, but it was what I needed. 

I ended up working in a place that felt like home, surrounded by people that treat each other like family. Everyday I was greeted by people who were excited to see me, listened to what I had to say, and asked questions that showed me they really cared. They took me in when I felt like I had nothing, and treated me as one of their own by the end of the first week. 

What I learned at Comfenergy was more than my job description. I learned the significance of the environments we choose to spend time in, and how the people you surround yourself, even if they are only temporary co-workers, vastly shapes how you go about your day to day life. 

Was this summer my dream job? No. But everyday at work I laughed alongside people I enjoyed and partook in meaningful conversations with people who valued me and I respected. I was not a lowly intern, but a part of the team. 

I am so thankful for my summer with Comfenergy, they are kind people who care about providing the very best to their customers who they treat as the individuals they are. At first, I thought how different can one contractor really be from the next, now I know the difference is in the company culture. Comfenergy has built a fantastic company culture and everyone works as a team to provide our customers with so much more than insulation or waterproofing technologies. Our cutting edge technology is nothing without extensive knowledge and highly supportive systems in place, and here we have the whole package. We do so much more than install products, but we give people comfort as well as reduced anxiety and utility bills- and we do it as a team. 

From the production crew members to the owners I have been shown kindness and generosity in every moment and that is exactly what I needed this summer. They were incredibly understanding and flexible everyday and I cannot imagine working for better people. 

I want to particularly thank the three owners who always listened to me as they would anyone else in the office, the other women in the office who gave me enough energy to power through the day, and most of all Crystal. Crystal opened up her office and life to make room for me and I enjoyed every minute sitting across from her this summer!

Thank you.