Steps to Reducing Unwanted Noise

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 by Carl Depner

Do you hear your neighbors in your condo or apartment? Do you have outside traffic, dog, construction noise waking you up in the night? This article is about what steps to take to reduce this noise. 

Steps to Reducing Unwanted Noise - Image 1

According to several sound professional websites these are the first steps to take if you won't take down the existing wall or ceiling.

1. Check for insulation. This will provide some absorption for the noise coming through the wall/or ceiling.  Comfenergy commonly is able to dense pack Prowool from Dr. Energy Saver into the walls from either side by drilling a 2 9/16 hole in each stud cavity, or cutting a swath to get up into a ceiling cavity to properly to do a dense pack of insulation. 

2. Add Dampening and Mass. This is commonly done with a sound product with great reviews called Green Glue. You add another layer of 5/8 drywall over the existing drywall with Green glue sandwiched in between. This lessens noise from passing through the walls. 

3. You want to seal any penetration with acoustic caulk. For example:  outlets, switches, and electrical boxes. 

Keep in mind that sound can travel over the wall. This is called Flanking. This happens especially if there is an open attic space above. 

There are many products dealing with noise that could come through windows. If the window is old, the seal is broken, or doesn't operate well, you can replace the window with laminated glass. This is a process for sound that is not included on a standard window.  Comfenergy can offer it to you through our Simonton 5500 Reflection models of windows. If the window is fairly new or in good shape you can use products that use optic grade acrylic. In the past Comfenergy has used a product called Magnetite. This improves your window efficiency and improves sound all in one. 

There are several more intense methods of sound deadening available for special circumstances not mentioned here in this article. 


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