Before & After

Cold Basement-Flint Hill, VA

This Flint Hill, VA homeowner always had a cold basement, specifically their laundry area.  Presently, it was insulated with loose fiberglass batts pinned to the wall. This neither stops air from traveling into the home, nor provides much of a thermal barrier. The rim joists at the top of the wall were also merely insulated with fiberglass batts.

Comfenergy put together a solution that was effective, and appealing to the eye!  The fiberglass was removed and disposed of. Thermax (polyisocyanurate) boards were attached to the walls, with foam and tape sealing the gaps. Then, the rim joists were sprayed with closed cell spray foam to air seal and insulate them too.

Now the homeowner can perform laundry duties no matter what time of year it is!!! 

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