Work Requests in Alexandria

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Learn more about Comfenergy's recent work requests in Alexandria, VA
Vicinity of King St in Alexandria
I would like a home energy audit. I have cold floors in an addition that has a crawl space under it. I'm also getting air leaks in my basement (I can feel a breeze between the outer joists and the foundation.
Vicinity of Caryle Place in Alexandria
Insulation is falling, free standing water, encapsulation
Vicinity of Stoneybrooke Lane in Alexandria
We need our attic and crawl spaces insulated.
Vicinity of Dominion Mill Dr. in Alexandria
Need 25 year old insulation removed and want guidance on what type of insulation to use and replace. I am leaning to foam insulation. I need a price quote. Thanks,
Vicinity of William Edgar Drive in Alexandria
My top floor gets too hot and my attic isn't well ventilated.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
I have 2 walls in an office that would like to be soundproofed. On Average what is the cost of this.
Vicinity of Midday Ln in Alexandria
The lower level of our split home feels very cold compared to the upper level.
Vicinity of Stoneybrooke Lane in Alexandria
In need of insulation in the crawl space and attic to be replaced.
Vicinity of E Raymond Ave in Alexandria
Upstairs level of house is very hot compared to main level and basement. HVAC specialist said the HVAC is working fine but something is definitely affecting temperature. Additionally the bedrooms were very cold in winter compared to downstairs. Home inspection when we moved in suggested we may need more insulation in attic.
Vicinity of W Rosemont Avenue, in Alexandria
Third Floor of house very hot. Need a solution as to what kind of insulation would be best. Want to get started as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Cunningham Dr in Alexandria
Would like to have attic and crawl space re-insullated
Vicinity of W Mason Ave in Alexandria
Insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Nordok St. in Alexandria
We would like to add insulation to the attic space. Approximately 1,500 square feet.
Vicinity of Bluedale St in Alexandria
Need insulation for attic. Remove old replace with new approx 800 sq foot sized attic.
Vicinity of Bouffant Blvd in Alexandria
I have a basement room that gets cold and hot. The baseboards and some walls get cold sometimes. I would like to air seal in the room and the window.
Vicinity of Heather Glen Drive in Alexandria
We had a basement flood in September, the result of a sump pump failure. ServPro came through and ripped out most of our basement and thus we discovered a "custom" and "odd" system that a previous owner installed. We are trying to get a quote as to what it would cost for our insurance company to re-install this unique basement system (something that has puzzled many). You all have been recommended to us. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in Alexandria
Return air ductwork sealed for small gaps. I own a 1500 sq ft single level house with crawlspace and attic. My hvac was checked and it's fine but my filters get dirty immediately and thus must be air vents y crawl space was encapsulated in July.
Vicinity of Fordham Drive in Alexandria
New blown in fiberglass attic insulation for 1556 sqft single story house built in 1952. Completing new HVAC/Gas Furnace installation, want to insulate to finish the job.
Vicinity of Hanson Lane in Alexandria
Interested in attic, crawl space and basement insulation
Vicinity of Portner Road in Alexandria
I have a few crawl/storage/attic spaces that are unfinished and would like an estimate on what my options are in making them sealed.
Vicinity of S Lee St in Alexandria
Need more airflow to the back of the house.
Vicinity of Cooper Street in Alexandria
Do you offer removal and replacement insulation services?
Vicinity of Cyrus Place in Alexandria
Our home is a 1959 split level house. We have a crawl space that is approx. 625 sq. ft that we'd like to get a quote for encapsulation system. Our request for a quote is preventative maintenance and not based on current water issues. Visual inspection of our crawl space does not indicate that there has ever been standing water. However, there is old insulation (falling down in places) and the old vapor barrier has deteriorated, and we know it needs to be cleaned up.
Vicinity of Dahill Place in Alexandria
We are considering crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Oak Leaf Dr in Alexandria
House is cold and drafty, mostly coming from the floors - may need to re-insulate crawl space.
Vicinity of Janneys Lane in Alexandria
I have a 180-yr old house. I need new insulation installed in 2 crawl spaces and a semi-unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Dawes Ave in Alexandria
Insulation inspection. Recently bought our home, and some bedrooms are colder than others. Would like to get an opinion on problem and solutions. Thanks.
Vicinity of Donegan CT in Alexandria
I moved in to this home last year. This is 22 year old built home. I see some air leaks in the home during winter.. Please advse.
Vicinity of N. Royal Street in Alexandria
Air ducting in ceiling has significant condensation. Water marks have resulted
Vicinity of Tammy Drive in Alexandria
Our house has almost no insulation. I would like a quote on clearing out the old insulation, sealing the attic, and placing cellulose. I'd also like to discuss the value of dense packing the walls.
Vicinity of Jamieson Ave; in Alexandria
We have an issue with condensation forming on a segment of our air conditioner ductwork and would like to look into getting insulation on the ductwork. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.
Vicinity of Blanford Ct in Alexandria
The attic of my townhouse in Franconia is inadequately insulated and I want to compare blown-in vs spray foam. It's a simple 45 degree wood frame truss, asphalt shingles, and joined to adjacent townhouses at both gabled ends. Work to be done December 2018. Quote 1: Closed cell spray foam insulation that meets fire testing: Install R-38 at underside of sloped roof, eave to peak (878 SF). Install R-21 at gable end property walls (182 SF); Quote 2: Blown-in R-38 on attic floor (618 SF) extended past eaves. Both quotes include the removal of existing blown-in attic insulation, covering about 50% of attic. I can send attic photos if you want. Thanks!
Vicinity of Carter Farm in Alexandria
I own a 40 year old home that seems too hot and too cold. I was looking for a quote to have the attic insulation redone. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
I would like to get a quote for insulating the crawl space of my house. Our floors get extremely cold during the winter months.
Vicinity of Maryland in Alexandria
My house has two bedrooms on the top floor and north side of the house, and above a non-climate controlled garage that are very cold in the Winter months. My theory is that much of the heat loss is through the floor to the garage, but that the perimeter walls and attic above also contribute. We would like someone to give us a plan to address this issue. Thanks! David
Vicinity of Creek Dr in Alexandria
Garage is under master bedroom and adjoins family room. The ceiling and walls of the garage are uninsulated.
Vicinity of Landover Street in Alexandria
Attic is lacking in insulation and ventilation. Top story is very warm in the summer.
Vicinity of Shannon Hill Rd in Alexandria
Vicinity of Cunningham Drive in Alexandria
Attic needs to be insulated but has low clearance
Vicinity of Popkins Lane in Alexandria
Room upstairs are more humid and considerably warmer. Different rooms upstairs have noticeably different temperatures. Looking for a home energy audit. Probably need addition insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of King Street in Alexandria
Need roof repair with foam spray.
Vicinity of Richenbacher Ave in Alexandria
I'd like to get a quote for external blown-in insulation.
Vicinity of Cedar Landing Court in Alexandria
We currently have blown insulation in our attic. However, we can feel hot air coming from the attic stair entry into our upper floor. What we are looking for is two fold. We have a 3 floor town home. It would both be for somone to take a look at the attic space and determine how much air leakage is happening, what's the best way to rectify this, while given us some space for storage as storage is limited in the rest of the house. Thanks!
Vicinity of Upland Place in Alexandria
I have urgent need to help with insulation in attic and around attic ductwork. A lot of condensation dripping from ceiling vents and ruining ceilings.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
I have water getting into my duct work. I'm looking to have my ducts inspected and recommended solutions for repairing the damage. I have already contacted other companies to fix how the water is getting into the house.
Vicinity of Oaklake Ct in Alexandria
Replace attic insulation
Vicinity of East Maple Street in Alexandria
All issues relate to my 3.5 foot high crawlspace ... Water draining inside crawlspace sometimes causing bad odor to penetrate inside house. It needs to be routed outside. During warm months my oak floors swell up because too much humidity coming from crawlspace. I purchased inexpensive 2 de-humidifiers and last summer my floors did not swell. However, my electric bill sky-rocketed and we figured out the root cause was the de-humidifiers were both drawing 6 amps.
Vicinity of Pendleton St in Alexandria
1880 row house in old town. 3 walls exposed. Was cold winter and very cold kitchen. Mouse issue too
Vicinity of Bayberry Drive in Alexandria
Interested in finding out how much it will cost to replace insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Princess St in Alexandria
Want to discuss closed cell foam installation for airborne noise and insulation.
Vicinity of William And Mary Dr. in Alexandria
I am inquiring about air sealing my home
Vicinity of Candlewood Drive in Alexandria
Attic insulation (cellulose) layer is thin, ceilings of the top level feel warm in the summer and cold in winter.
Vicinity of Heather Ct in Alexandria
We are interested in an estimate for spray foam in our loft and another area over our porch that has living space above. We are also interested in having a skim coat applied to our entire addition which is around 2000 sqft. The job has passed inspection and Fairfax County has given us the go-ahead to insulate the job.
Vicinity of Chevell Ct in Alexandria
Attic insulation needed
Vicinity of Rolling Stone Way in Alexandria
Hi we are looking to get a quote for foam installation in the ceiling of our basement.
Vicinity of Montrose St in Alexandria
We feel that our home is losing lots of heat due to poor insulation and bad doors. We'd like to get a comprehensive audit of how our home is wasting energy.
Vicinity of East Walnut Street in Alexandria
I have an older home (1920's build) with a master suite addition (est 1990). In the master suite the floors and in turn, the entire suite get cold in the winter. I'm interested in a free quote to insulate the crawlspace beneath the floor of the addition to alleviate the temperature fluctuations. Thanks!
Vicinity of Prince Streer in Alexandria
We recently moved into our new house (built 1977) and it's obvious that air is seeping into the house through the crawl space. We'd like an assessment of what we can do to better insulate our home. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jewell Ct in Alexandria
I need to get insulation in my attic. I've been given a quote for several things like a ridge vent and now I can't remember the other items. I would like to get a few more quotes before choosing a company.
Vicinity of W Glebe Rd in Alexandria
Would like someone to check to see where leaks in previously complete work are. Or if there are leaks coming from somewhere else. There is a draft coming from a few different places. In particular, the wall next to the front door, the wall (outlet) next to the back door, and inside the knee wall upstairs. Thank you!
Vicinity of Park Terrace Dr. in Alexandria
Rooms over the garage are cold and drafty. We want to insulate the space between the garage ceiling and rooms above. There is space as the suds running from front to back of the house. The garage has a finished ceiling so I would like to get this space insulated without ripping out the ceiling, possibly through holes. Can you let me know if this can be done and the price to so?
Vicinity of Colfax Avenue in Alexandria
I would like to air seal my attic, and possible add extra insulation.
Vicinity of Chickawane Court in Alexandria
I am looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our home.
Vicinity of Bracey Lane in Alexandria
Kitchen floor (wood)is very cold thinking insulation below is nonexistent
Vicinity of Memorial St in Alexandria
I have a renovated attic in a home I rent out in Alexandria that I will be moving back into later this year. The temperature can be very cold or hot, and I'm wondering if better insulation would help, how it would need to be applied, and a rough estimate of the cost. Thank you in advance for your information.
Vicinity of Hershey Ln in Alexandria
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: heating & cooling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Rollins Drive in Alexandria
I'm looking for an estimate on installing insulation in my finished basement to improve energy efficiency and insulate piping without removing the existing dry wall.
Vicinity of N Armistead Street in Alexandria
In my family room space there is no insulation and its causing my downstairs area to cool and also cool the house.
Vicinity of Van Valkenburgh Ln in Alexandria
I have a wall between two bathrooms that would benefit from sound insulation.
Vicinity of Vernon View Drive in Alexandria
Duct in crawlspace is detached.
Vicinity of Hershey Ln in Alexandria
I purchased a home with a converted garage. The room feels very cold in the winter and gets very warm in the summer. I would like to determine if the walls are insulated. If not, I would like a quote to add insulation. THANKS!
Vicinity of Croton Drive in Alexandria
2 story addition 800 sq ft. crawl space and attic needs Insulation I have most of the remodel complete and plans on site for the addition. we also have digital plans
Vicinity of Heritage Lane in Alexandria
Blown-in attic insulation. Cool down attic.
Vicinity of Queen St in Alexandria
Need to replace windows - wood windows only. Time is critical and looking to get them asap
Vicinity of Charles Ave in Alexandria
Insulation on the walls in the laundry room seem moldy. Interested in getting it redone
Vicinity of Glenview Court in Alexandria
I'm in need of getting four walls and a ceiling filled with spray foam - can you get me a quote on the cost? Dimensions/details below. 17' wide 8' deep 92.5" tall 2x4 construction One Exterior wall (17') 75% underground Two interior Walls (8' walls) One wall that is shared with a garage that is not temperature controlled Two 30" doors are part of the walls, not removed from the measurements above What R value will I be able to achieve? I'd like to understand what my options are; need a minimum of r19.
Vicinity of Burgess Ave in Alexandria
I have an small attic with the pink insulation on the floor, but i would like to be able to use the area for storage and was looking into spray foam insulating. I'm looking for advice on whether to spray foam the floor or the attic ceiling and an estimate of how much that would cost.
Vicinity of Forest Haven Drive in Alexandria
1956 house with little to no insulation. What we have is falling out. Walls have none. Also would like to know if you do crawlspace work.
Vicinity of N. Pitt Street in Alexandria
I need some duct repair due to fault of builder.
Vicinity of Potomac Ave in Alexandria
Crawl space spray foam estimate Approx 800-900 sq ft.
Vicinity of Lea Lane in Alexandria
Under insulated home.
Vicinity of East Abingdon Dr, in Alexandria
Soundproofing between floors for Impact noise, mostly floor squeaking.
Vicinity of Chieftain Circle in Alexandria
Old windows, worn out weather stripping and seals, etc.,attic insulation.
Vicinity of Quincy St in Alexandria
Have a small attic/crawl space that surrounds our fireplace. Current insulation in there looks old/wet and just nasty. not sure what caused, but want to replace and eradicate any other issues in that space.
Vicinity of Rockshire Ct in Alexandria
Not sure if our house is insulated properly because it's really drafty and never seems to stay warm. We wanted a quote for insulation without tearing out the entire wall and possible other options for sealing out cool air.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Avenue in Alexandria
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: insulation. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Cypress Point Rd in Alexandria
We have cold air coming into our downstairs and it is 15 degrees colder than upstairs even with heat pumping.
Vicinity of Tahalla Drive in Alexandria
Good morning, I'd like to install spray foam insulation in the existing walls of my bathroom and master bedroom, and would like to get a quote from your team. Also, do you patch any drywall penetrations made for the purpose of installing the drywall? Thank you- Neera
Vicinity of Fairhaven Avenue in Alexandria
Insulating a soon to be finished basement and rafters between the basement and first floor.
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr in Alexandria
My hvac struggles to get up to or down to desired temperatures. I believe my poorly insulated attic is to blame. I am interested in a quote to upgrade or replace my attic insulation.
Vicinity of Granada Street in Alexandria
Need spray foam insulation of garage walls and roof, soffits and overhangs, attic.
Vicinity of Queens Road in Alexandria
Insulating CMU basement walls and rim joist.
Vicinity of Russell Rd in Alexandria
Would like to sprayfoam the attic.
Vicinity of Prince Street in Alexandria
1) Renovating upstairs bedroom in older house (1880s) and it seemed like a good time to check on the insulation. I doubt there's good insulation in the attic above and in the walls. The room is hot in summer, although the heat rising from below keeps it warmer in the winter but I'm sure I'm wasting a lot. 2) I've also got some areas in the back of my house that probably need insulation, too. Water pipes that freeze every year in the basement and a cold spot above that area in my kitchen.
Vicinity of East Timber Branch Parkway in Alexandria
Temperature variability within home. Small amount of insulation in attic. Two bedrooms that don't stay a consistent temperature, a bedroom over a garage, and a crawl space.
Vicinity of Euille Street in Alexandria
Condensation issues in our townhouse
Vicinity of Parish Glebe Lane in Alexandria
Having been in our home for three years, we wanted to be sure there was adequate insulation in our attic area.
Vicinity of Princess St in Alexandria
We are in a duplex. During the inspection, we had to have a vapor barrier installed, but being a duplex, they literally just laid some plastic on the ground on our half of the crawl space. The neighbor doesn't have it, so there really is no seal or barrier at all. We want to see about encapsulating our portion of the crawlspace for moisture and for bugs.
Vicinity of Boothe Street in Alexandria
Referral from mold remediation firm. Believe sweat from ductwork is what started mold growth. Remediation scheduled for Monday. Would like energy audit before we rebuild.
Vicinity of Bangor in Alexandria
We are looking to get an estimate on insulation for our 2nd floor
Vicinity of Sycamore Street in Alexandria
Hi, I purchased my bungalow-type house a year ago. I'm not sure what insulation I have, or what I need and would like an evaluation and estimate. I have a basement, crawl space and loft second floor.
Vicinity of Baltimore Rd in Alexandria
Good morning - I'm hoping to schedule an assessment & estimate. I put an offer on a house, which is contingent on home inspection (tomorrow at 3pm). I am aware that the crawl space is currently an issue - a previous inspection provided by the seller shows that the crawl space was inaccessible, had debris, and possible standing water. The house is a small brick rambler built in 1952. I would like to receive an estimate for the remediation of this issue, prior to signing the contract next week. Please let me know if and when an assessment can be performed - thank you! Cher
Vicinity of Shenadoah Rd in Alexandria
Need closed-cell spray insulation for two exterior bedroom walls (masonry). Approx. 160sq.ft and depth approx. 3".
Vicinity of Harbor Court in Alexandria
I need to have the insulation in attic and basement checked (and potentially replaced) before winter
Vicinity of E Howell Ave in Alexandria
Need attic insulation in 1938 home.
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr in Alexandria
We would like to replace/add insulation in to our crawlspace area before winter to try and save some on energy costs
Vicinity of Edison Street in Alexandria
Greetings, We are in need of a quote to seal off the air entering our home from the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of E Bellefonte Ave in Alexandria
Need ceiling of crawl space insulated. The crawl space is in pretty good condition, but no insulation currently exists between the joists, so the wood floors above in the living room are freezing during winter.
Vicinity of Carriage House Cir in Alexandria
Looking to properly insulate our attic. The attic currently has a little blown in insulation. Previous owners installed recessed lighting and areas around lights are not insulated at all. Two bathroom vents are venting to the inside of the attic. We are in a townhome. Our shared wall appears to show some signs of water coming in from the roof. The second floor ceiling is showing signs of water damage. Looking to assess situation and seal roof as appropriate before insulating.
Vicinity of La Vista Drive in Alexandria
I am looking for a quote for blown in cellulose insulation and air sealing and baffle installation if needed for a cross gabled attic. I am flexible with times so any time that is convenient for you I can be here if you let me know in advance. Thanks, Ed
Vicinity of Clifton St in Alexandria
Looking to re-do the insulation for the crawl space of the house. The existing insulation is fiberglass that's either hanging, falling down, or missing.
Vicinity of Woodland Lane in Alexandria
We would like to have a professional to have a look at the crawl space under the whole house and advise of any potential improvements/identify any concerns you may find.
Vicinity of W Glebe Rd in Alexandria
We are considering insulating the third floor of our townhouse and maybe the crawl space under our home. Would like estimates.
Vicinity of N Overlook Dr in Alexandria
I wanted to get an estimate to get my garage ceiling insulated with spray foam.
Vicinity of Cameron Station Blvd in Alexandria
Very cold room over garage during the winter - going to be bedroom for new baby, so I'd like to get this problem straightened up before the winter time.
Vicinity of Mcnair Dr in Alexandria
I feel like there is too much moisture in my crawl space. Want to see if encapsulation was an option or recommended.
Vicinity of Adrienne Dr in Alexandria
Interested in crawlspace encapsulation as energy saver.
Vicinity of Domain Place in Alexandria
I'm interested in having foam insulation installed in the furnished sections of my basement in my home.
Vicinity of W Mount Ida Ave in Alexandria
I would like an estimate for spray foam insulation for my attic area and an area under a stairwell. Approximate square footage of the attic is 476sq ft. I am not sure what kind of foam to install and would like some help with selection. Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of W Glebe Rd in Alexandria
The house heats unevenly and I can tell the house is not well insulated. Even though it is a town house, air leaks in from the outside everywhere! Crawl space, attic, recessed lighting through a knee wall in the 3rd floor. Looking for solutions. Thanks! :)
Vicinity of Longview Drive in Alexandria
Need closed cell spray foam for an attic renovation.
Vicinity of School St in Alexandria
Hi there~ I would like to meet with one of your most knowledgable reps to learn more about insulation and the services you provide. I am a realtor and want to know more to help my clients. Also I am buying this home (address given) and want to insulate it as well. I will be at the home on Tuesday the 10th if that days works for someone who can educate me on this and provide a quote. Thanks, Heather
Vicinity of Bryan Street in Alexandria
Add insulation to a finished laundry room. Prefer initial contact via e-mail.
Vicinity of Alabama Ave in Alexandria
Garage ceiling needs to be insulated to make the floor of the room above it less cold during the winter.
Vicinity of Cavalier Dr in Alexandria
We would like to insulate our crawl space. There is a vapor barrier already in place. Our furnace and air handler are located in the crawl space as well
Vicinity of Franklin St in Alexandria
An extension was added prior to purchasing the home. There is very little insulation in the crawl space and nothing covering the ground. I would like an estimate to insulate this space. approximately 400 sqft and 30" clearance Thank you
Vicinity of CROMWELL PL in Alexandria
I would like an estimate for additional attic insulation. I have a 25+ year old townhouse in Kingstowne - not sure what I need but I'm fairly certain my insulation level is lower than necessary.
Vicinity of Cherokee Ave in Alexandria
We are looking to have our rim joists insulated. We also have 2 doors that need to have weather stripping.
Vicinity of Stover Court in Alexandria
May want to replace attic (fiberglass)insulation batting with foam. Have ridge vent. Townhouse. Depends upon cost - senior citizen discount, etc. Contact ONLY via my email!

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