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Learn more about Comfenergy's recent work requests in Vienna, VA
Vicinity of Kearney Court SW in Vienna
We would like to see if we need additional insulation in our home.
Vicinity of Fairway Dr NE in Vienna
I live in a 1964 home and have noticed cold air coming from behind our kitchen wall over the past several winters. The interior wall is drywall; the exterior wall is brick. There is at least a 6" gap between the two. The overall wall size is 12 feet by 8 feet. You were referred to me by Dan of Quality Insulation, Silver Spring, MD. Apparently this job is too small for him. Would appreciate a call back and thanks!
Vicinity of Lafora Ct in Vienna
Ductwork in attic is condensating and needs better insulation
Vicinity of Electric Ave in Vienna
Inslation ducts aroung of
Vicinity of Beulah Rd in Vienna
Hot attic. Would like quote on re-insulation options. Looking to replace AC unit which is dying. Want to optimize energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Wolftrap Ct in Vienna
A little history of what is triggering this project. Originally had our annual gutter cleaning, but they were unable to do so thanks to a family of squirrels living in our gutters. This prompted a visit from the pest control whom noticed some gaps between the roof line. He inspected the attic and found evidence of mice whom in addition to leaving their signs of living in the blown insulation, had also matted good portions down by walking through it. All the insulations needs to be replaced and the area dissenfected. Since I have to go through all this effort of removing and replacing the insulation, my thinking is rather than doing more blown insulation, to spray foam and seal the attic space all together. Details of the home: - 3 Story above ground townhome in vienna - Attic has an access hatch with no stairs - Current insulation is a combination of batt insulation near the eaves and blown insulation with a reflective thermal barrier on top - Dimensions of the townhome are approximately 21'x 41' - Large circular gable vent on front of the house Quotes Requested: - Spray foam insulation and air gap sealing - Insulation removal
Vicinity of Labrador Ln in Vienna
I have a bathroom fan that, when turned on in the summertime, will drip water from the slats. I think condensation from the A/C vents is accumulating and then dripping down. Is this something your company can look into and fix?
Vicinity of Nadine Dr in Vienna
We have some "hot spots" upstairs and would like to solve the problem...
Vicinity of Westwood Mews Ct. in Vienna
Remove old insulation in the attic and replace with foam insulation or any other more efficitent options.
Vicinity of Hunt Country Lane in Vienna
Need foam insulation to seal our attic and crawl space.
Vicinity of W Glebe Rd in Vienna
I have a townhouse, with ladder that goes to attic. I am curious about attic foam insulation but also attic storage. Would be nice to have some shelfs up there.
Vicinity of Meadow Springs Drive in Vienna
Attic with inadequate insulation. Currently with fiberglass. I would prefer cellulose insulation given its superiority. Please evaluate. If possible, if there are any dates available for June 6th, 7th, or 8th, Please let me know ASAP.
Vicinity of Polo Pointe Dr in Vienna
Interested in getting Attic roof insulated. Concerned about whether there should be ventilation between the insulation and roof deck.
Vicinity of Lagersfield Cir in Vienna
Need an advice - thinking of foam insulating ground level floor.
Vicinity of W Meredith Dr in Vienna
Our house has an addition that I estimate is over 20 years old and it is very drafty. Also, I am concerned about a draft in one corner of our house too. I would appreciate it if someone could come out and look at these 2 situations and give us an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Ct, in Vienna
We need advice and assistance to address significant comfort issues in one large room in our house. The room is just over 400 sq. ft. It sits over the garage, has exterior exposure on 3 sides and has a high vaulted ceiling (no attic). Consequently, the room is very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Additionally it sits at the farthest point in the HVAC duct work of the house, so the HVAC system provides little comfort to the room. I would like to understand options for adding significant insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as learn of any recommendations you might be able to make to improve this room.
Vicinity of Crossing Gate Way in Vienna
First year in new home-big, older house on single newish top of line heat pump but doesn't seem to heat/cool as efficiently as it should. Would like an energy audit to see if there are any easy changes/improvements we could make.
Vicinity of Oleander Ave in Vienna
Heat loss.
Vicinity of Hunter Mill Rd in Vienna
Our house has a particular room/area on the first floor and another on the second floor that get quite cold in winter. Seeking solutions that won't involve entire house or very high costs.
Vicinity of Batten Hollow Road in Vienna
I have a large unfinished space in my basement that has insulation issues and infiltration issues where mice have been entering. I believe it's at the rim joist area where there is currently some fiberglass batts stuffed in there that are inadequate and possibly hiding some penetrations to the outside that would need to be sealed up first. So, remove old insulation, inspect, seal up all penetrations then new insulation installed.
Vicinity of Black Eyed Susan Lane in Vienna
Our master bath is located over our garage and is extremely hot and cold. Looking for solutions to improve air flow and temperature.
Vicinity of Hidden Oaks Court in Vienna
Looking to get a quote for spray foam insulation for our attic.
Vicinity of Prelude Ct in Vienna
Duct issues condensation damaging drywall
Vicinity of Squaw Valley Dr in Vienna
Energy bill seems to be high
Vicinity of Cedar Meadow Ct in Vienna
We have an unfinished basement that we are soon to finish. Interested in rigid foam insulation for exterior walls.
Vicinity of Scott Cir SW in Vienna
Looking to get information and an estimate for adding more insulation to the house.
Vicinity of Laurel Hill Road in Vienna
Comfenergy is listed on the VA Home Energy Check-Up program, and we would like to schedule a walk-through of our home. We purchased the home earlier this year. Does Comfenergy permit us to assign the rebate directly to you? Thanks very much.
Vicinity of Hunt Valley Drive in Vienna
Make rooms above garage warmer, lower utility bills
Vicinity of Raglan Rd in Vienna
Good afternoon, I need a quote for insulation of a new construction home at the following address 8615 Raglan Rd Vienna VA 22182 Please provide a quote for insulation with 2 inch closed cell spray foam on all of the exterior walls including above ground exposed part of basement walls and flat ceiling with the supplemental conventional insulation in walls and blown insulation in ceiling. Appreciate your quick response Thanks Divakar Tandra
Vicinity of Towney View Court in Vienna
Hello, I would like to air seal and use cellulose insulation in my attic after removing existing material. I'm interested in insulating rim-joists, basement walls/floors, and air sealing. thanks, Gretchen Maia
Vicinity of Jackson Parkway in Vienna
Gutted basement. want to insulate. have a quote for fiberglass and roxul but I think spray is way to go with moisture concerns. would like a quote to compare.
Vicinity of Abbey Oak in Vienna
We have very old insulation handing on the walls of our unfinished room in the basement. It needs to be removed. We also want an assessment of the insulation in the attic and you advice on whether there is enough or if what we have is fine. Thankyou. Lesley Turner
Vicinity of Gallows Tree Ct in Vienna
Upstairs gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Want better insulation. Interested in a quote.
Vicinity of Chilcott Manor Way in Vienna
Want home energy inspection
Vicinity of East Street NE in Vienna
Need to add tons of insulation to my attic
Vicinity of Fremont LN in Vienna
I am considering insulating my attached garage. the footprint is 564 sq ft. There is an opening for access via ladder in the ceiling. My garage doors are insulated but I do not think the exterior walls have nay insulation as well.
Vicinity of Mossy Stone Ct in Vienna
Need better wall insulation on extension. Garage door. Dryer vent. Maybe crawlspace.
Vicinity of Park St in Vienna
Crawl space encapsulation. Duct work and attic inspection.
Vicinity of Blackstone Ter NW in Vienna
I am interested in a consultation regarding a small crawl space under a portion of my home. The insulation in it appears to have fallen down, thereby blocking all the ventilation. The dryer vent is hanging loose in there as well, and needs to be routed to the outside (there is a cutout hole for it already - it just needs to be re-connected).
Vicinity of Citadel Place in Vienna
We have a large old (1830) "farmhouse" with oil radiator heat. There has been some effort to add insulation into the walls, etc over the years (by a previous owner) but nothing comprehensive. In any case there are lots of drafty areas, places where particular walls or floors feel very cold to the touch when the outdoor temperatures drop, etc. We are interested in having someone come in and do and overall assessment of how we can save money on heating by insulating the house.
Vicinity of Water Falls Lane in Vienna
I had a pipe burst in my garage, I repaired it and put back insulation but wanted the whole house checked out, and maybe some foam insulation installed around the new pipes.
Vicinity of Labbe LN in Vienna
High electric costs. Need air leakage check.
Vicinity of Cottage St Sw in Vienna
Looking for an estimate of a home energy audit as our heating and gas bills have increased.
Vicinity of Clovermeadow Drive in Vienna
2 years ago I had 100% of the exterior replaced, windows, doors, siding, roof, heating system (variable speed). It feels like we had some air/cold/hot leaking because it gets colder from time to time without the heat. Living rooms even feels like cold air moving some times (minor but picked up when wearing light clothing)
Vicinity of Sharon Ln NW in Vienna
I would like to know an estimate on Wall Injection Insulation. My house is not very big, it is a Split Foyer house. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hunting Crest Lane in Vienna
Interested in estimate for spray-foam insulation in our attic, and potentially a full-house energy audit as well.
Vicinity of Kingsley Road SW in Vienna
Above garage living area needs insulation.
Vicinity of HIllcrest Drive SW in Vienna
We need to replace the insulation in our attic as well as the vapor barrier in our crawl space. We have already gotten a quote from one company and are looking for additional quotes before we move forward with the projecct.
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Way in Vienna
So my question, noticed that my windows need to be replaced for sure, however, i have also noticed that my second floor is colder than my first floor, so I went up the attic of my house and wanted to at least check the insulation, i noticed that it has been heavy insluted blown in and a total of 8 inches (variable)but i believe there is 8 inches of insluation in the attic, and when i put my hand on the ceiling of the second floor, its not indicating any coldnessso what i want is to have someone come to my house to see whether my insulation is sufficient
Vicinity of Glyndon Street NE in Vienna
Looking for advice on how to resolve drafty cold feeling on first floor of home. Floors seem very cold, Some concerns with cold on ground floor and significant feeling of cold where floors meet walls and corners of house. Had rim joists in basement spray foamed but either not done properly or additional insulation in basement is required. Or, perhaps insulation between walls needs and upgrade?
Vicinity of Gibson Circle SW in Vienna
Interested in air sealing. Please contact to schedule a new appointment for this service.
Vicinity of Irvin St in Vienna
Attic, wall and basement insulation. Master bedroom and bathroom are very cold. Free estimate please

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