Case Studies

Crawl Space Insulation Case Studies: Cold Floors - Leesburg, VA

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 by Justin Dobson


This home in Leesburg, VA was suffering from cold floors.  The homeowner couldn't even walk around the house in the winter without slippers or shoes on. Comfenergy found the entire house to be over a vented crawl space.  This was allowing cold air beneath the floors above.  Even though there were batts of insulation beneath the floor, the cold air was getting between them and making the floors cold.


Comfenergy removed all of the existing insulation and disposed of it properly.  Terrablock foam boards were installed on the crawl space floor to keep the cold ground from "sucking up" all the heat from above. Then, we installed CleanSpace (a 20 mil thick vapor barrier made of anti-microbial materials) that will never mold or mildew. Finally, the vents were sealed and closed cell foam spray was sprayed on all the walls.  This totally "encapsulates" the crawl space and turns it into conditioned space.  The crawl space is now within 10 degrees of the living space above and is dry.  A Sani-Dry dehumidifier was also installed to make sure everything stays dry moving forward. 

Project Summary

Evaluator: Scott Beers