A New Approach to Solving Home Comfort and Energy Problems

For over 100 years, homeowners have been relying on heating and cooling contractors to help them solve comfort problems in their homes. HVAC contractors however, are only looking at the heating and air conditioning systems – often overlooking other possible causes for the problems they were hired to solve.

Thanks to recent developments in building science, we know have a better understanding of home performance. We know that comfort problems -- which often include things like uneven temperatures throughout the house, cold drafts, moisture and mold problems, poor indoor air quality, excess dust – can be caused by any number of different home factors that are usually not taken into consideration by the typical HVAC contractor, or an insulation contractor.

As a Dr. Energy Saver dealer, Comfenergy brings a whole different, holistic approach to  fix uncomfortable, unhealthy and energy-hogging homes in the Nova area of Virginia, merging heating and cooling and home performance services.

Using state-of-the-art home performance diagnostic equipment, our certified home performance technicians perform comprehensive evaluations of all different home systems and based on these assessments recommend a customized set of solutions for all the existing problems, in a way that will maximize results and bring the most energy savings per each dollar invested.

Home energy efficiency upgrades are one-time investments that will pay off in many ways, including significant energy savings year after year, for as long as you live in your house. Are you ready to live more comfortably? Give us a call and schedule your FREE estimate!