Comfenergy: We are not insulators, we are problem solvers!

John LeVan and  Justin Dobson speak about Comfenergy and what makes the company different from any other insulation company in the NOVA area of Virginia. 

"Every house that I go in has issues. Almost universally. And nobody is really working to try to solve those problems for customers." -- explains John.

Comfenergy understands that behind each insulation request there is a problem that homeowners are trying to solve. A typical insulation company, when called to insulate an attic, will simply blow some fiberglass or cellulose in the area, and bill the customer for the service. 

"People don't wake up in the morning and just think: 'I'm gonna insulate my attic today!'." -- says Justin."They have  problem that is revolving around comfort or energy efficiency.They've called the right people when they call Comfenergy. We help them solve both of these problems"

Comfenergy will go beyond expectations, building a list of all the things homeowners are trying to accomplish. Then, after a thorough evaluation of the property, they will come up with the best plan to solve all the problems and maximize results per each dollar invested.